Hi. I'm Jeff.

Back in 2009, I embarked on a career in radio broadcasting after college, igniting my passion for creativity and connecting with others. This path eventually led me to a fulfilling and successful career in digital media and marketing for over a decade, where I honed my skills in storytelling and visual communication. Now, I’m thrilled to dedicate myself full-time to offering some of Calgary’s best photo and video experiences for weddings, businesses, individuals, and events. It’s a dream come true! 

I’m also a proud Husband, father and advocate of art, creativity, wellness and following your passions and dreams. I can’t wait to share my love and enthusiasm of photography and videography for your next wedding, event, business venture or family portraits. 



Please read before filling out the form.

What matters is you’re in love with the work that you see and are ready to trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creativity and authentic documentation.

After this form is filled out here’s what you can expect from me:

  • I respond within hours, not days (however on the weekends please give me additional time)

  • We’ll set up an in-person meeting, video call, or phone call.

  • Be prepared for some serious customization, a lot of questions and honesty. 

  • I ask for a 30% deposit to secure most weddings, sessions and other projects

If you're inquiring about a wedding photography or videography, please include your date and venue. Thank you!
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